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#Becoming31: 31 Wishes

1 October 2019: Latest update! 

25 September 2015: Updated this post a year after. Happy to have checked some items, totally unexpected to have achieved them so soon!


I am now 31 years and a half day old. I can’t thank God enough for what He has given me.

Yet, I still wish and pray for several things. 31 wishes I pray for today. I don’t expect all to happen in a year, but wishing for the lifetime ahead of me. Here’s hoping!

Today, I am praying:

1. For world peace. Well I do hope I won’t have to pray for this forever. World peace, please.
2. For my own peace. My mind is one melting pot of interests, hobbies, talents, and dreams. I hope to see harmony in all I am and will be doing.
3. To be a better version of me. Hair color: done. Spiritual cleansing: a long way to go. A retreat is much needed.
4. To be a better wife. I am not trying hard. Being my husband’s wife is just the best thing because my husband lets me be. He knows I want to achieve more in life. But I pray to be an even more supportive, appreciative wife than before.
5. To be a better mother. I have one, and she’s like ten times already! My hands feel full when she’s awake and alert. I am not perfect but I know I can be better.
6. To be a better daughter and sister. I am because they are to me. And for that I love them so. Better relationships with them, I pray. And that they’ll always be in the best of health.
7. To be a better friend. I miss my few friends who are now abroad, and those whom I have not gotten in touch regularly here in our country. Hope to get to do that more often.
8. To serve better in church. Again, our dear Rector entrusted me the task of being Music Ministry Vice Coordinator, as well as for another task, which I hope I could do well. This on top of conducting the children’s choir, which will soon transition into Youth Choir. Fun times, indeed. We’re legit a Youth Choir, and we need new members!!!
9. And in line with the previous item, to be a better conductor to my kids, and for more concerts, performances, and “rakets” with these kids. We’ve stuck together through thick and thin. As their leaders, my husband and I are grateful for the support, especially from their families, in every endeavor we take.
10. To focus more on what God has planned me to be. Right now, with the many things in my mind and the many things I want to achieve, my career has been such a happy mess. I’m literally everywhere! But I do hope God brings me forth to where I’ll bloom, grow, and be of great use.
11. To be and stay fit. Yes, I have gained the past year and a half after I quit my full-time job. But am not complaining! I just want to feel and look better. — And gained even more now, so I must really stay fit and fab!
12. Speaking of looking better, I wish for a total physical makeover. Oh, it’s not bad to dream! Facial, diamond peel, digiperm, body scrub, foot spa, mani/pedi, whatever it will take to make me feel more beautiful!
13. To learn more. Attending workshops, reading more, studying new pieces and roles. Can’t wait to gain more knowledge!
14. To give more. Yes, I want some things, but I want to give more, too. Our Rector always say, give until it hurts. Mabuti nang tumulong kaysa ikaw ang tulungan. Not only to charitable institutions, but to the church as well.
15. To clean my closet and files. And to sell some stuff. I have an online store but have not updated for the longest time. Hope to be able to do it soon. I sell stuff for half its price, most are still in mint condition.
16. To save more for my family’s future. Not only for my daughter but for my husband and I as well.
17. That my daughter will grow well. That whatever we teach her, even how little, she will take to heart and grow on it.
18. To share my talents to more people. Whether it be singing, performing, teaching, conducting, writing, sharing my advocacies such as breastfeeding, homeschooling, attachment parenting, devotion to the Divine Master (our Shrine patron), the Holy Spirit (following our school founder’s devotion) and Our Lady of La Leche (for breastfeeding mothers), among others, I hope to reach more people with what God has Himself lent to me.
19. To have our own home. We’re grateful for what we have, a modest condo unit, but a house and lot would be a welcome addition for our future growing family.
20. In line with that, I pray for another child. Or two. I’m going to stop with that, I might not do well with more than three! But really, whatever God will give us or not give us, I will accept wholeheartedly.
21. For a new phone! Something dependable and reliable. My current phone is failing to text suddenly, or crashes unexpectedly. It also destroyed my SD card! So, a new one is much needed.  And I got an iPhone early this year!
22. For a reliable public transport system! So that I won’t wish anymore for a car. I am a commuter for life, and I think it’s the government’s responsibility to provide a reliable public transport system because not everyone can purchase and maintain cars. That, I think, would solve so much problems in the country!
23. To watch a movie again! The last time was Rio 2. I have watched like only three times in the past four years! Go figure. Watched I did. Home, Cinderella, Big Hero 6, Inside Out. All with the baby bunny.
24. To eat wiser. Should I go the vegan route? My husband is heading that path now, and he felt better.
25. To cook more nutritious and delicious food so I can achieve the previous one. Yes, and I must say, I am loving cooking now. If only I can just cook all day!
26. To run a marathon, even 5k before I turn 40! Nine more years to go, hope to achieve more than that.  Achieved! Through the My Little Pony Friendship run. First 5k, more to go!
27. To homeschool my daughter at least for Kinder and Grade 1. I am praying hard for this! Hanging on! Second quarter of Kinder right now.
28. To travel the world again (and hopefully, all expense paid!). This came in as a super surprise–I got to travel Europe for two weeks in June 2015, with a performing group singing beautiful Filipino songs. And you guessed it, all expense paid! Thank you, God! And once again last year, with my other choral family, the Ateneo Chamber Singers.
29. To keep up with one production a year. Whether an opera production, solo recital, as long as I perform. So far, so good. I was able to join a masterclass under no less than Nelly Miricioiu, got to travel abroad, and some singing engagements ongoing locally. 
30. To try zipline! I have been wanting to. Must achieve before the year ends. And zipline I did, right at the heart of Mall of Asia. Woot!
31. Lastly, to always do, think, and say good.

I might have missed some, but God knows some of my prayers are just between the two of us.

Please help me pray for these. I am praying for all of you as well.

~ Touringkitty

Educating for Life: Homeschooling with passion, purpose, and confidence

Our family believes that learning starts at the onset of life. We, as parents, are their first and best teachers. And we never stop being teachers when we send out children to school.

It is this very reason why we chose to homeschool Aria for Pre-Kinder this year. Nowadays, there are a lot of schools or studios offering programs for as young as newborns, so, we thought, why can’t we teach our kid by ourselves?

My post from Yahoo said it all:

My goal is to homeschool until Grade Two. We’ll see what happens after.

And it you’re wondering if homeschooling is for you, wonder no more. Homeschooling is for everyone!

Learning is a never ending process.
Learning is a never ending process.

Come attend the Homeschooling Conference next month, and meet various types of homeschooling families. Hear their stories, learn from them, know how they make it work.

More information and sign-up form can be found here:


~ Touringkitty


Smart Kids Asia, Philippine Edition

Last Saturday, my family headed to SMX Convention Center in Mall of Asia to check out the Smart Kids Asia, Philippine Edition.

Smart Kids Asia comes to the Philippines!
Smart Kids Asia comes to the Philippines!

Smart Kids Asia is like a road show (you know, those car shows and expos) but this time, kids are in the front row (with their parents behind them!).

Yup, we'll always be behind her, taking photos!
Yup, we’ll always be behind her, taking photos!

Smart Kids Asia filled up the entire first floor of the SMX with various booths — trial classes, products and services, books, museums, and other whathaveyous for kids.

Trying out the battery-operated screw driver which she enjoyed so much.
Trying out the battery-operated screw driver which she enjoyed so much.

This Game Van is a mobile arcade! Was not able to take a peek inside though, as the inside was filled to the brim.
This Game Van is a mobile arcade! Was not able to take a peek inside though, as the inside was filled to the brim.

Some booths sample their products as well. My kid took time in each station that she won't leave until she's tried everything!
Some booths sample their products as well. My kid took time in each station that she won’t leave until she’s tried everything!

They had Macaw Park exhibiting (the one in Subic) so I just had to try it!
They had Macaw Park exhibiting (the one in Subic) so I just had to look at it!

Spongebob and Patrick stepped on stage, and my daughter was so delighted. We missed Dora and Diego and Boots though, who appeared earlier in the day.
Spongebob and Patrick stepped on stage, and my daughter was so delighted. We missed Dora and Diego and Boots though, who appeared earlier in the day.

Well, there’s a real reason why we’re there. And it’s this:

Yes, you've read it right! Touringkitty was declared Best Blog by Smart Kids Asia--Philippines 2014!
Yes, you’ve read it right! Touringkitty was declared Best Blog by Smart Kids Asia–Philippines 2014!

Best Blog award went to Touringkitty!
Best Blog award went to Touringkitty!

With other winners, Absolutely Mommy (in red) and Go Help Yourself (which is my husband, Ton!).
With other winners, Absolutely Mommy (in red) and Go Help Yourself (which is my husband, Ton!).

Thank you, Smart Kids Asia, for this recognition. Anticipating next year’s show this early!

Check out my entry for the contest here:

My husband’s blog which won the most likes:


~ Touringkitty

Touringkitty writes: Byline

I ticked another item on my bucket list: seeing my byline in print and in a leading website!

This was on last month’s issue of Baby Magazine. It was a comparison about various types of schools. Perfect timing for parents who are already thinking which school their young children should be.

A few days ago, another byline appeared at Yahoo! And by some serendipity, it is of the same topic–schooling. This one is closer to my heart because this is our own experience of homeschooling our preschooler.

Click the photo for the post.
Click the photo for the post.


Thanks to dear friends Martine (for entrusting me to write the magazine article) and Kate (for allowing me to share my experiences as preschool homeschooling mom).


~ Touringkitty

Raising a smart child in a fast-paced era

Admit it, this is an era when everything changes in a split second. Or make that, with a click of the mouse (or a tap on a tablet, if that’s your case).

It is quite a challenge raising our children today. Because of social media, parents are becoming highly competitive. Each milestone is documented online quickly for all the world to see, and not anymore through keepsakes or journals or scrapbooks.

How do we keep up?

1. Heed advise from your parents. They’ve gone through that rough road of child rearing so they know better. They might always compare from the past generation, but it’s inevitable. Some advise might not be applicable in the modern era, but listen to them anyway.

2. Go back to basics. Lampin is fine. Freshly cooked food is perfectly fine. Breastfeeding is best. Classic, chic, and convenient, they all are.

3. Be a “present” parent. And this should be on top of everything else. Our young children need us, naturally. They are too young to understand how the world works, and it is our responsibility to raise not only smart but good human beings.

If we could be with her all day everyday, we would.
If we could be with her all day everyday, we would.

Of course, we want our children to learn a lot of things. It is said that children learn so many things early on as neurons quickly form everyday. Our child is turning four next month, and so far, here’s a rundown of some of her milestones:

Reading and Language: Reads English like a second grader and pretty much understands them as well, reads and recites Filipino poems and rhymes, speaks fluently both in English and Filipino (though sometimes she mixes them when she’s unfamiliar with translated words).

Writing: colors inside lines, doodles spirals and straight lines, can trace and write happy faces. Still working on it, I must admit, and she’s leaning to become a leftie (not my husband nor I are left-handed!).

Counting: counts and can read up to 100 with pauses, adds up to five, counts from ten to zero.

Music: sings in perfect rhythm and tune, knows how to sing arpeggiated triads, easily memorizes anything through singing and dancing.

Values: says “po” and “opo,” does “mano po,” which is a very good Filipino tradition that we must keep, shows thoughfulness, shares and helps around when she’s in a good mood.

How does our family do it?

1. By feeding our child well. We breastfed her since birth and there’s no sign of weaning at age four. We gave her only freshly prepared foods when she’s starting solids, and make sure she eats a balanced diet especially that she’s on the lean side.

2. By being her first teachers. My husband and I made sure we’ll be the ones who will teach our daughter her ABCs, so we read books to her, sang and danced with her, even if it meant coming home right after work and spending our evenings with her at the center of our attention. All of those worked well.

3. By always connecting with family outside of our home. Since we’re only three in our condo (we don’t have stay in help), we make sure she knows our family and friends, too. Aside from spending time with them, we make sure to call them constantly, do video call, post photos and videos so they will be updated with our child’s growth.

4. By introducing her to new things everyday. We use technology to our advantage, definitely. iPad apps and online resources are a great aid for learning, just make sure you set your limits when you use them. Anything excessive is bad.

Watching a Bible Story.
Watching a Bible Story.

5. By being parents by example. This is the hardest by the simplest thing to raise a smart and good child. What we want them to do, we must first be able to do ourselves. I am constantly reminded by my child to be a model parent just by looking at her. And yes, I struggle to be one everyday.

Bottomline is, we build first our connection with ourselves, then with our partners in raising our children (our spouses and other family members) in order to connect better with our child. Then, we can truly raise our child slowly but surely in the midst of an ever-changing society. As their parents, we must strengthen our faith in ourselves so that we can be the best parents to our children.

Engineering For Kids: Introducing STEM Education to younger children

Do your kids love playing with cars, toy planes, do science experiments, wonder how things work?

Then Engineering for Kids (EFK) might be perfect for them.


Given the fast-paced change in our technology, it is practical to introduce our children to STEM education early on. STEM is Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics. EFK introduces this to children gently and in an integrated way.

From their Facebook Page:

Why is STEM Education Important?

-️7 of the 10 projected fastest-growing occupations over the next ten years are in STEM fields

-STEM occupations have grown 8% in the last 10 years (2000-2010) and are expected to grow twice as fast (17%) in the next ten years.

-16 of the 25 highest-paying jobs in 2010 require STEM preparation and STEM workers earn 26% more than their non-STEM peers.

Last week, my daughter was able to try out a class on Engineering for Kids. An ideal after-school activity for your little science explorers, EFK introduces science and technology in an interactive and cool way.

My preschooler being welcomed by the teacher. We were one of the early birds. Check out that backpack drama happening. So grown up!
My preschooler being welcomed by the teacher. We were one of the early birds. Check out that backpack drama happening. So grown up!

Classes run for an hour. For this trial class session, they are about to discover aerospace objects, in particular, a rocketship.

We're goin' on a trip in our favourite rocketship!
We’re goin’ on a trip in our favourite rocketship!

See the concepts? Yes, they’re being taught already. So, after the short lecture, the kids starting to make their own rocketship!

Looking at mom and smiling to say she's ok. Such a grown up little lady. *insert ugly cry*
Looking at mom and smiling to say she’s ok. Such a grown up little lady. *insert ugly cry*

Designing her rocketship made out of paper roll and straw and clay.
Designing her rocketship made out of paper roll and straw and clay.

Aria and her classmate showing their almost finished products.
Aria and her classmate showing their almost finished products.

Testing the rocketship with the help of teacher.
Testing the rocketship with the help of teacher.

Wonder what else they can do in EFK? Check out their curriculum for the year (subject to change):

Themes change every month. This is their proposed curriculum for the year but still subject to change.
Themes change every month. This is their proposed curriculum for the year but still subject to change.

I first thought this would be a good birthday party activity. Their marketing specialist, Lalie Odal, mentioned that they do offer this for parties! They can even customise the activities to your chosen theme.

Overall, the EFK program is another good exposure for our children in STEM education outside the school setting.


Is Engineering for Kids a good fit for your children 4-14 years old? Know more about them via their website and Facebook Page. They have branches in BGC and Greenhills, and is on its way to partnering with schools and opening more branches. Text them at 0917-551-8705.


~ Touringkitty

15 and 1

Yesterday, after a full day of work (faculty meeting in the morning then choir rehearsal in the afternoon), I headed off to two important celebrations: the Shrine of Jesus’ 15th Anniversary of its consecration and dedication, and OA’s first death anniversary.

These two events coincided on the same time, so I had to fix my schedule. I sang for the Mass at the Shrine, missed the boodle fight dinner, and went to the dinner gathering albeit super late, where I missed the earlier memorial ceremony and Mass for Ma’am OA.

15: Falling in love…with a church

It is no secret how much I love serving at the Shrine of Jesus. For the past eight years of serving as children’s choir conductor, and eventually, as music ministry coordinator, I was molded into the person I am now. Thanks to my mentor, Monsignor Bobby Canlas, the Shrine Rector, from being a mere choirgirl, I am in the helm of the children’s choir now, and have handled important projects of the Shrine.

The past 15 years have been a true testament of God’s love to this church. With no parishioners living around the area, the Shrine community started with tens, then hundreds, then now, thousands. From that barren land stood only that church where no public transport dared to travel. Lay people from nearby provinces were called to serve. The Shrine eventually became a popular wedding, baptism, and reception venue, and a favourite among churchgoers when important church feast days like Holy Week and Christmas seasons come nearer.

Mons Bobby explained during the Mass how the Shrine of Jesus came to be. In 1995, during the 10th World Youth Day held in Manila, Philippines, then Pope John Paul II proclaimed to build a church in honor of that well attended and successful event. After four years, the church was inaugurated and named Shrine of Jesus, the Way the Truth, and the Life. Quite a mouthful for a church name, I first thought, but it originated in John Paul’s message during that Mass, that Jesus is our way, truth, and life.

What keeps us loyal to the Shrine? It’s the community it built. It’s the welcoming atmosphere among its volunteers. It’s the solemn and meaningful celebrations of the Holy Eucharist. It’s the “pakulo” we tirelessly prepare during special occasions.

Most of all, it’s a church that gives back. In 2008, my wedding year, some music ministry members were starting to plan projects for the benefit of the church. A simple concert will do, we said. Our Rector dreamed bigger for us. And out of that dream, we were able to have the Philippine Madrigal Singers perform at the CCP, and we were able to raise 1 million pesos for the PGH pediatric cancer patients. It was more than what we dreamed of. Of course, we were able to raise more than our target amount, so the rest went to several other institutions, and whatever was left went to the Shrine. We were just humbled and proud of that project.

Apart from it, and Mons Bobby does this all the time, he fervently asks the community to dig deeper into their pockets to give more during calamities. Give until it hurts, that’s what he reminds us always. Whatever is collected, he sends straight to the affected diocese.

The Shrine has been blessed because of its priests, its talented and generous lay people and churchgoers. The church is always misconstrued as strict, or sometimes, snob, especially when kids roam around during Mass. I’d say, disciplined is the proper word for it. And I would not have it any other way.

1: In memoriam

A year ago, Ma’am OA, as we would call the founder of the world-renowned choral group, the Madz, passed on.

The Madz is the Philippine Madrigal Singers. Ma’am OA is Prof. Andrea O. Veneracion, its founder. I wrote about her necrological rites last year here, and another blogpost months prior her passing on as my tribute to her here.

I, along with two more Madz alumni, came almost at the end of the program, but we’re glad to have made it. As OA would say, Just do it. So we braved EDSA traffic (which was unusual at already eight in the evening!), were served dinner, and listened to more singing and more testimonials to our dear Ma’am OA.

And the highlight of the night: this song.

Justice Magdangal de Leon and THE Sal Malaki who originally did the guitar and flute, er, should I say, whistle of the very first Madz song I learned in my church choir in high school. Happiness.

Happy 15th Anniversary to the Shrine of Jesus, and happy first year in heaven’s choral community, Ma’am OA.

This was the fundraising concert the Shrine co-organized. It was held two weeks before my wedding, that's why I was not able to sing anymore for this. I "resigned" from being Madz member in the middle of 2008, with much sadness but much fulfillment and memories in my heart.
45 and 10: Madz’ 45th Anniversary and 10th Shrine Fiesta. This concert was held two weeks before my wedding. I “resigned” from being Madz member in the middle of 2008, with much sadness but much fulfillment and memories in my heart.

~ Touringkitty

Let’s pray together!

Weekends have been always devoted to family. Saturdays for our daughter, unless we have work or other engagements. Sundays, especially, for church. That’s my Holy day.

And what better way to celebrate a wonderful week that was than with prayer!

So, join me and my family as we pray for you during the Sunday Mass. Message me via Facebook ( or email via contact(at)touringkitty(dot)com. Will gather them on Saturday night and offer them up to the Lord on Sunday during the Mass where I and my choir serve in (10:30am at the Shrine of Jesus, the Way, the Truth, and the Life in Pasay City). If you will be at MOA area on Sundays, why not drop by the church and hear Mass there.

Every Thursday, I shall be posting videos at my Facebook page for your reflection. Let’s begin with this video, Esto Les Digo (This I say to you) by Kinley Lange as sung by us, the Philippine Madrigal Singers in 2007.

Let’s pray together. The Lord said: “For where two or three are gathered in my name, there am I among them.” (Matthew 18:20).

~ Touringkitty

Honoring the father of my child

Honor your father and your mother, so did the Fourth Commandment say.

Since it’s Fathers’ Day tomorrow, and to my child, he is the best father, it’s time to honor this man who was known as “Baton-ton.”


From pregnancy to birth, he made sure we’re both taken care of. He’s become a master of daughter-rearing, to think they were all boys in the family. He can do everything–feed, change diapers, give baths, spend the entire day alone with a very makulit preschooler. Except breastfeeding perhaps, but if only could, he definitely would.

The perfect latch. Not!
The perfect latch. Not!

They love being together, even if they have misunderstandings sometimes. They love playing silly. Yes, they may be father-daughter, but they treasure each other. My child has grown to be very thoughtful and very caring of people around her.


Has the wife been forgotten? No, not at all! I am at my happiest because we still are the same silly people in love like we were first in love 14 years ago (yes, if you were a long-time friend of any of us then you’d know our love story!).

Lately, I often shed tears of joy during our prayer time. He would ask me why and I tell him that my heart is brimming with happiness–having a loving husband and daughter, being surrounded by love from our families and friends, and allowing God to use us to glorify Him.

And so, to my beloved husband, Ton, thank you for being the best father to our daughter. Thank you for being the best husband. Thank you for being a good son, brother, and friend. Thank you for giving love without asking in return. Thank you for knowing more about breastfeeding sometimes more than I do! Thank you for supporting my advocacies, projects, and dreams. Thank you for making us feel royals!

We are happy that you are doing well in your career and you’ve gone back to aikido again. Aria and I will be here for you always, praying for you and loving you. We love you to the moon and back!



~ Touringkitty


P.S.: Thank you for letting me sleep in sometimes and preparing breakfast for us. You are so amazing! =)

Qualimed: Quality health services made affordable

As parents, healthcare is one of our top considerations when it comes to searching for quality yet affordable providers.

A new network of health care facilities in the country was introduced to mom bloggers a couple of weeks ago. Qualimed is set to fulfill the three As–Accessibility, Affordability, and Appropriateness–as they give the best service to its clients.

Qualimed has accessible locations all over the country. We visited one of their facilities inside the PGH compound.

Qualimed welcomed mommy bloggers to their event.
Qualimed welcomed mommy bloggers to their event.

If you remember the Faculty of Medical Arts Building at PGH, you will recall it once housed the UPMC or University Physicians Medical Center. It's now known as Qualimed.
UPMC or University Physicians Medical Center is now known as Qualimed.

The building is declared a National Heritage Site, that's why you can see the old structure outside and the modern facilities inside. Details, like this, are preserved.
The building is declared a National Heritage Site, that’s why you can see the old structure outside and the modern facilities inside. Details, like this, are preserved.

This was preserved as well.

First order of the day was a tour of the facility:

Lobby waiting area.
Lobby waiting area.

You get a number via their Smart Q machine. And you get to monitor if it's your turn already, even if you are in the cafeteria.
You get a number via their Smart Q machine. And you get to monitor your queue wherever you are, even in the cafeteria.

Their main service is providing quality primary care, but they have flagships in each of their facilities. In this case, the Manila branch’s flagship is their Surgery Center. The one opening in Iloilo will be a women and children’s center.

Here are some more facilities in the Manila branch:


Blood testing facility. The big one on the lift tests for thyroid problems. I can so relate because I used to have monthly blood tests for my hyperthyroid.
Blood testing facility. The big one on the lift tests for thyroid problems. I used to have monthly blood tests for my hyperthyroid and they can be really expensive. Their price is a little lower compared to where I had my blood tests.

CIMG0114Dr. Edwin Mercado of Mercado General Hospital, talked about their partnership with the Ayala Land, Inc. Together, they will provide Qualimed facilities in the next five years in strategic locations all over the Philippines.

Dr. Edwin Mercado talks about their hospitals and their partnership with Ayala Land.
Dr. Edwin Mercado talks about their hospitals and their partnership with Ayala Land.

Aside from low prices, Qualimed is also accredited by most HMOs, a good news for employees.

How low are their prices? It's this low!
How low are their prices? It’s this low!

With regard to the quality of service, Qualimed assures us that they have competent physicians, specialists, and nurses trained to provide appropriate prescriptions and sound medical advise to their patients.

Put them all together, and you will get quality healthcare service for you and your family.

Visit Qualimed facilities now and experience Alagang Abot-Kaya.

Operational Branches:
Daniel O. Mercado Medical Center (Tanauan, Batangas)
QualiMed Manila (Taft Avenue, Manila)
QualiMed Clinic in TriNoma (North Avenue, Quezon City)

Future locations:

QualiMed Clinic in Fairview Terraces in Novaliches, Quezon City (opening in 3Q 2014)
QualiMed Hospital in Iloilo (opening in 3Q 2014)
QualiMed Hospital in Sta. Rosa, Laguna (opening in 4Q 2015)
QualiMed Hospital in San Jose Del Monte, Bulacan (opening in 4Q 2015)

You may also visit their website or Facebook.


~ Touringkitty