I started blogging four years ago (July 2010 to be exact), with the sole purpose of creating an online journal of my pregnancy.

I thought that was it. But I discovered so much about blogging by attending workshops, interacting with bloggers, and being more active in social media. It has been such a great time, not to mention a great responsibility curating and creating content.

Are you interested in creating your own voice online? You might be interested to attend this workshop:

Bring out the storyteller in you.
Bring out the storyteller in you.

Want to build a blog that you’ll love to create — and that others will find joy in reading? Then this workshop is for you.

Blissful Blogging 101 is a workshop on how to create a meaningful blog with a brand and a purpose. You will learn the key components that can help you —

  • Learn the art of “blissmaking” and writing in a way that attracts and engages readers while staying true to your beliefs;
  • Know and analyze the different types of blogs that are successful at getting readers & building a community;
  • Learn how to craft an Editorial Plan for at least a month to two months worth of blog posts, which will help guide you in creating the kinds of blog posts your blog will publish on a regular basis;
  • How to complete your blog-building through social media engagements, even your own events.
The Instructor:
Martine de Luna is the editor-in-chief and founder of the blog Makeitblissful.com (formerly DaintyMom.com). She has been blogging for five years, and has received awards for her blog ventures, including the 2011 Philippine Blog Award for Best Home & Parenting Blog, and the Little Steps Asia 2013 Best of Mom & Dad Blogs award from Little Steps Hong Kong. Today, Martine is also a freelance digital strategist who coaches women on how to position themselves authentically online, through blogging and social media.

Here’s what you’ll receive at the Workshop:

  • Worksheets, both printed & electronic versions
  • Workshop “editorialize your blog”: Create a blog mission, blog plan and offline strategy for your blog (Group work)
  • Food & drinks — Provided by Eats Happy! and The Juice Hut
  • Access to our exclusive Mastermind group on Facebook, where you can receive further tips on blogging and engage in a real community that will support your blog.


1:30 PM –  Welcome & Overview of the workshop

2:00 – Talk: What is Blissful Blogging?

3 PM – Workshop: Become the Editor in Chief of Your Blog (interactive workshop and group work; presentation). Food will be served during the session.

4:15 PM – Group presentations “My Blissful Blog”

5:00 PM – End

For information on how to sign up & pay, please visit www.makeitblissful.com/workshops or email editor@makeitblissful.com today.

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