Stuck on telling stories to your little ones? Not anymore with these cool books!

We discovered the Stuck on Stories by accident at the Relay shop at Changi Airport  on our way home. I was gathering all my loose change in order to dispose them (read: last minute “syeping!”).

It was literally last minute, as we were about to board when we got to the gate. I saw these board books and settled on the Dora the Explorer book.

Stuck on Stories have 10 suction cup characters and a story board book inside. What you do is stick the suction cup characters along the story. It’s as if you are telling the story yourself!

From the Phidal website.
From the Phidal website.

I am not quite familiar with the other characters. All I know is Dora, Boots, and Swiper. So, I interchanged Tico and Isa, hahaha! Good thing Aria was quick to correct me.

Back in Manila, Aria got interested in Disney Princesses. So, we scoured book stores to find one, and had it reserved even!

Disney Princesses getting stuck! Photo from the Phidal Website.
Disney Princesses getting stuck! Photo from the Phidal Website.

We got to meet the Princesses’ furry friends as we read along the story. Aria got to familiarise herself with the characters and their own stories.

And of course, the resident Kitty did not miss researching on this.

Bucket list: wish list! Photo from Phidal Website.
Wish list! Photo from Phidal Website.

This is not yet available in the Philippines, but Toys R Us abroad has this already. Can’t wait for it to come here.

The suction cups we have used in other ways, like counting, as seen in my Instagram (follow me @touringkitty).

Phidal carries a wide variety of children’s books which aid them in learning and having fun at the same time. Since 1979, the company has been developing safe, innovative, and creative products that spark the imagination of children and children at heart.

For more information visit their website


~ Touringkitty


Disclaimer: all products are purchased by me. I am, in no way, connected to the company, and did my own research about the products cos they’re just so cute and collectible!

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